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Your Questions Answered


What are the prices of your service ?

At Picedit, we offer a wide range of services for professional photographers and ecommerce. These services vary in their prices and in the complexity and volume of the service. Some of the prices of our services can be viewed on our website. But, we are usually asking you to see some of the images to deliver custom quotes for those high volume orders or special requests.

How can I send my photos to Picedit ?

You will never experience any difficulty at all in sending some of your photos to our company, Picedit. This is due to the fact that you can always send us your photos in the same manner that we are sending our completed files. This includes through we-transfer, dropbox and ftp.

How can Picedit return their completed work to the clients ?

As far as receiving the completed work that we’ve done, you will receive an email that contains the links of all the completed files. Picedit use WE-TRANSFER, DROP-BOX AND FTP, to deliver their completed files. All you have to do is to give us some of the necessary information and we will be very happy to accommodate and respond to your needs.

What kind of files does your company would give me ?

For some clipping paths, Picedit will return jpg file. But, you also have a chance to request for png files. For composite and retouching works, our company will return or give you jpg files by default. For some optional services, you can also request for tiff files or flattened psd files.

How about your average turnaround time, how long will it take ?

Our average turnaround time at Picedit differs on the kind of service you’ve requested on our company and on the quantity of uploaded images. If you want to rush your orders, you need to immediately contact our customer support staff to make it sure that we can get your uploaded images sooner. If we make things happen, then we will be very happy to do it for you. Most of the time, the services we offer are delivered within One day to a Three as the maximum. If you are badly in need of fast service, then you may request it to be rush.

Why should we outsource my post production ?

In outsourcing my post production, there are three reasons you need to consider; namely speed, quality and cost savings. Delegating some of the activities that need specialized skills and expertise to our professional and experienced experts will provide you a chance to get higher quality and more impressive images over the time that you will learn when you choose the editing and retouching process. Likewise, an hourly rate is higher as compared to getting in touch with Picedit. Hence, you are on your way to saving a huge amount of money with Picedit. Freeing yourself from endless hours of editing images is an effective way of increasing productivity and achieving a more rewarding and more successful career.

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