As lots of retailers continue to change their brick and mortar stores into e-commerce stores, the so-called product photography has also become essential. This further brings issues to the process of selling. Before, retailers just need to purchase some products and place them in stores. Today, they need to prepare, photograph, and edit and upload photos as fast as possible.

To effectively sell some of the pricing issues of product photography, a lot of retailers these days choose to get in touch with DIY approach. This is particularly to those who want to keep a very low budget. There are also some who hire trained and professional staffs who will be responsible for taking the photos of the product and outsourcing the work. But, what would be the right solution? Is it the Inhouse or the outsourcing approach?

Inhouse Approach

As far as inhouse approach is concerned, there are equipments and steps you need to consider in getting a professionally-looking and impressive image. These will usually include the lighting equipment, camera, background and props. You also need to have your own studio space necessary for taking the photos and putting all of the equipments.
You also need to hire for someone who will be shooting for the photo depending on the amount of budget you have. This can be a trained or professional photographer. You also need to have an editor along with editing software.

Shooting in-house represents a complete control of all related activities to product photography. You also have a great chance experimenting on different setup, shooting styles and background. Apart from that, you may also get the best opportunity to formalize editing and shooting processes that will be completely replicated by other members or by the outsourcing company.


Shooting products is a whole day activity. Say for example you have more than fifty products, you need to shoot every week and each of the product takes fifteen minutes to perfectly shoot. This only means to say that for every week, you need to have someone in your team who will have to spend at least 12 hours in the shooting inventory. This time, you can easily work out on several things for two days when you spend time and effort to set up the studio equipment.
Apart from that, outsourcing product photography helps you to be free from extra time. This will leave you with more time to concentrate on how you will grow your business. This would also help you to save huge amount of space for more inventories.

So, as far as outsourcing and inhouse services are concerned, you need to consider which one of these approaches you like the most. It will also depend on how you will make use of this approach in your business and how you will render the best service to your clients. This also provides a lot of benefits that you would be very happy about. Thus, you will highly appreciate it more!